Apprentice Talent

Meet some of the all-stars of our Software Development Apprenticeship Program — will your photo be here next?


What Drew Him in

Six years of military service as a system and network admin set Desmond down the tech career path. But after finishing a full stack bootcamp — and realizing he wanted to make programs, not just fix them — the U.S. Navy Veteran was hungry for hands-on experience through Techtonic’s Accelerated Apprenticeship.

Success story

Once he wrapped the classroom portion, Desmond jumped onto Techtonic’s dev floor despite being in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. “Being remote allowed me to extend my reach to opportunities I wouldn’t have come across,” he says. “It’s really honed my communication and expanded my professional skill set.”

Desmond's Review

Techtonic’s model is the best I’ve seen for helping people get into tech. I not only learned the technologies in an immersive environment, but picked up all the skills I need outside of writing code to be a successful developer.


What Drew her in

Looking for a career change after working as a stage manager and bartender in London, Bryn was impressed with the standards of the Apprenticeship program, where she learned HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other programming languages that laid the foundation for learning to code and solve problems.

Success story

After a few months of working on the development floor at Techtonic, Bryn was offered a position as a software engineer by IHS Markit, a highly-reputable Techtonic client focused on fintech and global information for companies around the world.

Bryn's Review

Techtonic set me up for success, putting me in a position where I felt prepared to change careers and be successful. I love where I am now.

David (Junwoo)

What Drew him in

A pro at data analysis and hardware engineering in South Korea, David knew he wanted to pivot careers when he emigrated to the U.S. Interested in visually demonstrating data storytelling, David first completed a data science bootcamp before joining Techtonic’s Accelerated Apprenticeship.

Success story

With his fresh coding skills, David moved to Techtonic’s dev floor for full stack work. “My engineering background makes it easy to spot bugs and refactor code, I’m super comfortable with back-end work, and I enjoy making apps visually appealing on the front-end.”

David (Junwoo)'s Review

The curriculum is solid and taught on current technologies, senior developers were always open for mentorship, and I got a lot of real-world experience. I don’t think any other company can provide this level of opportunity in the industry.


What Drew him in

Before he completed Techtonic’s Accelerated Apprenticeship
(along with a back-end development-focused bootcamp), Javier
thought the two lived separately. But the more problems he found,
the more he wanted to fix the actual bugs, or just create a better
model. Software development blends his passions for creativity
and computer science in a way he never thought possible.

Success story

In tech support, he was the liaison between developer and user,
breaking down user issues and translating tech language into
understandable terms. These problem-solving and client skills —
paired with his technical prowess — make him a well-rounded full
stack developer who tackles projects from a 360 perspective.

Javier's Review

I’m a stickler for making sure work is done well to exceed all expectations. And because we are human, things occasionally will break. I’m an expert at refactoring code so everything flows smoothly. These traits all culminate in an end-product that makes my clients proud.


What Drew her in

Take one part registered nurse, mix in two parts curiosity and add the desire to get to a solid professional foundation, and that’s Ana. She spent her spare time while pregnant reading tech journals, so she was self-taught in software development but discovered quickly during the Techtonic Apprenticeship Programs that she loves the front-end and everything about designing with Javascript, CSS and React.

Success story

Seeing a project from the user perspective is extremely important because someone is paying, right? She enjoys the client-facing parts of the development process, probably due to her time as a nurse. Her favorite moments are projects with no design specs - She can really run with that creatively.

Ana's Review

Putting myself in the user’s shoes, collaborating with my team, and building a better product - those are my professional joys.