De-Risk Your IT Hiring Process Today

by Techtonic
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Finding the right dedicated, loyal employees to grow your organization is tough. What if you had a talent partner who could source, develop, and deliver talent that had the grit and chops to form the foundation of your organization going forward? Techtonic has developed an apprenticeship program that revolutionizes technical recruiting. We find determined, aspiring technologists and turn them into software developers and QA professionals through a unique, time-tested curriculum.

How We Do It

For the lucky few applicants who are admitted into our program, first comes 14 weeks of immersive classroom training. This is followed by onboarding, continuous professional development, and nine months of on-the-job learning with a skilled developer/mentor. When the apprentice is ready to work for one of our clients we provide the following to ensure their success (which removes your hiring risk):

  • Careful Screening for Grit – All apprentice applicants undergo a lengthy screening process before they even walk in the door – we select less than 10% of applicants to create a 20 person cohort. To gain admittance each must successfully complete 10 tests, including multiple interviews and writing code. Each test is designed to ensure applicants have the aptitude and mental toughness to excel.
  • An Assigned Tech Mentor – A seasoned technology professional meets with each apprentice on a regular basis (every day in the beginning) to follow up with education and coaching as necessary to ensure a smooth transition. This saves your staff time and energy, allowing them to focus on the business aspects of training.
  • Rigorous OJL Process – To be sure the apprentice continues to be challenged and learn new skills even after leaving the classroom, each is trained using a metrics-focused, five-track process. These five tracks focus on soft tech skills (communication, estimation, process, interviewing), certifications, client relationship management, and real world testing/code writing.
  • Our Unique Guarantee – Have a challenge with one or more of our apprentices? Just say the word within the first two weeks and we will find you a new developer(s) that better suits your needs or we will provide a refund.
  • Convert at No Cost – Once the contract-to-hire period is over and you are delighted with the productively, skill and value delivered by your apprentice, you can hire them at no cost. And we are not just a one-time deal – Techtonic can be your tech talent pipeline for all future software development needs. 

Custom Software Development Talent On Demand

We take the risk out of one of the riskiest endeavors in IT – finding and hiring skilled software developers. The time, expense, and angst that accompanies this process is off the charts. Post-pandemic, no one has the time or energy for this as we all try to get back to the business of business as best we can. 

Check us out – you’ll marvel at how our solution for tech recruiting makes your life easier.