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Digital transformation is about changing the way companies operate from a digital standpoint. It’s about implementing changes to drive efficiency, better performance, and rethinking how technology affects your business, your customers, and your employees. The following article will examine what many companies are doing to transform digitally and how certain technologies are at the forefront, delivering change on the front lines. 

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation refers to foundational concepts and changes, applied to organizations, to help them as they seek ways to continue offering their customers products and services of value. It is the rethinking of how technology is used within the organization, and how it can be better utilized to enhance business performance. This transformation does not refer to just one aspect of technology. Rather, it encompasses a range of solutions, processes, and concepts that are used to change how businesses are run. It also includes how businesses are using technology to update their operations to remain relevant in an ever-digital business landscape. 

How Digital Transformation is Preparing Businesses for the World Ahead

The world has become more connected and more digital over the past decade. Digital transformation is about ensuring companies understand how technology is changing the world, and reevaluating how their companies run, from management to software usage. Transformation exists because companies not only need to be relevant now; but they also see the need to evolve at every level to stay competitive and current in the years to come. 

Leading Digital Transformations

When contemplating how you, your teams and your company can leverage a digital transformation, the overall outcome and the final achievement should be factored in. Companies should have a clear idea of what they want to achieve for their customers. In terms of spearheading a digital transformation, there are a multitude of ways of going about it. All aspects of the leadership of an organization need to be onboard and aligned in order to drive and embrace new ways of strategizing, implementing, and evolving technology within their business. Whether these changes start at the organizational level or focus on introducing new skill sets to employees, or creating on-site innovation labs to experiment with new technology in-house, each business and market is unique. This requires out of the box thinking, a firm understanding of your customers, their needs, your goals, and a willingness to embrace technology in new ways to create new opportunities for revenue and market demand. Often, the key to successful digital transformation is making processes simpler, more user-friendly, and more functional for the customer. One poignant example is how Allstate created a function, QuickFoto to enable easy uploading of photos of vehicle damage after an accident, to make the process of filing and processing claims simpler.

Why an Agile Approach is Necessary

When it comes to digital transformation, having an agile approach is key. Agile accommodates where there is a need for flexibility and responsiveness, and most businesses need fast changes and accelerated options. There isn’t a single direction for reimagining a business or a system; agile methods, philosophies, and frameworks fit this context because this is truly what they are made for. While agile is often considered a software development concept, its principles are being applied in a vast array of services, projects, and companies.

Digital Transformation Making Businesses Better Right Now

At Techtonic, we have a keen understanding of digital transformation because many of our projects center directly on solutions that bring about much-needed modernization and evolution. The core of our business is about developing innovative software solutions that cover a wide range of areas. One such feature is our Agile Transformation services, which are designed to assist clients as they migrate and update their systems from legacy software to more modern and efficient platforms.

Techtonic DevOPs also plays a large role for many clients embracing the digital age. This process allows us to assist clients in ensuring their cultural foundation enables them to deliver digital services and products at the speed necessary to fulfill demand. Our DevOps experts understand the unique needs of businesses and work to ensure the latest developments and operational processes are utilized, so businesses can work on getting products to market faster and with greater quality than ever before. Services we offer to enhance digital transformation include Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery, Toolchain Integration, Automation as a Service, and Robotic Process Automation.

Digital strategy, product ideation, digital engineering, user experience and design, project management, and a multitude of other solutions and services allow us to be a turn-key partner for clients at every stage of their transformation journey.


Digital innovation is changing our world and how businesses operate and stay relevant; digital transformation is the cornerstone for embracing processes, tools, and opportunities that will drive the markets of tomorrow. If your company is eyeing a digital transformation of its own, or is considering implementing new processes to enhance operations and performance, visit to learn more about how you can start planning and executing for the business world of tomorrow.

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