Finally: Tech Talent Acquisition
Even a CTO Will Love

Ask any group of executives to describe a business problem causing sleepless nights, and we guarantee hiring a development team is near the top of the list.

Not anymore.

The tech talent acquisition process is fatally flawed. For decades, even if you could find a reliable talent pipeline, there have always been countless roadblocks. You know them well:

A time-consuming recruitment process

Competitive enrollment (less than 10% accepted)

Endless interviews and bureaucratic delays

Rigorous screening to select/train the best candidates

Constraints on budgets and start date readiness

U.S. Department of Labor + B corp-certified programming, verifying the highest standards

Issues with offshore IT hubs

Hands-on developers using cutting-edge technologies (think JavaScript, React, Node.js, SQL, and Python)

Lack of diversity and immigration hurdles

Diverse, local talent to enhance your team’s success + boost regional economies

Limited client experience within the bootcamp model

Zero spec tech development risk with lower cost than traditional recruiters

Talent competency and turnover problems

Easier onboarding with senior-level mentorship to increase retention

Our Partners

Techtonic created the first DOL-certified software development training program in the country. And don’t just take it from the Department of Labor – here are some more of our highly satisfied clients.