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Throughout the United States and the world as a global community, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, business as usual has been turned on its head with no sign of a return to normalcy in the very near future. There are multiple levels of disruption; from states calling for stay-at-home orders, to mass closures of nonessential businesses, to countless other businesses suddenly transforming their structures to operate entirely remotely. In a single instant, all measures were taken to stem the bleeding, however possible by businesses of all types, across the world, when it was determined that quarantining became the only option to slow the spread of this virus. However, with the world on lockdown, it is time for companies in the US to start considering the benefits of onshoring their technology and IT functions.

Amidst the challenges being seen across businesses of all varieties, technology has made it apparent how global the world truly is. With flights grounded and billions of people being asked to stay home, reliance on virtual technologies has become more necessary than ever. While the economy has been tanking for weeks, without technologies such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and other collaboration tools, the situation would be even more stark. For businesses in the US, one aspect that may not have been considered before has become quite apparent: the need for onshoring tech solutions and services. While many processes have become easily virtualized, the need to bring tech jobs home to the US is becoming even more evident. 

Both as an immediate option as well as for options for down the road, onshore IT service solutions should be available and accessible to every company in the US. Furthermore, onshore tech solutions are increasingly more viable solutions as cybersecurity is more important than ever.

Furthermore, there is no better time to reinvest in American infrastructure, whatever comes after the COVID-19 period will be different from what has been previously seen. Companies worldwide are gaining a new understanding of what employees and partners can accomplish remotely. People everywhere are finding new ways to reskill or upskill themselves to find new footholds in a new market landscape. 

In the US, an all-encompassing range of solutions for a wide variety of technology services is offered by Techtonic, an industry leader in onshore software development, product management, and quality assurance. Our expertise spans from software development and engineering to talent generation and agile transformation. Our innovative, scalable onshore software solutions were built for the modern, evolving world and they can be tailored to meet the tech challenges US companies currently face and will be facing in the future. To learn more about how Techtonic can support your company’s IT and software challenges, contact us today!

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