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Tech is one of the single-most industrious sectors in our modern world. So industrious, in fact, it’s hard to come by a field driving more growth and opportunities. It has been predicted by Statista that by 2023, mobile apps alone will generate upwards of $935 billion worldwide. But with the monumental growth and demand, a talent gap presently exists in the tech world. Specifically, in regards to talented Software developers and engineers. For example, by 2020, TechRepublic estimates the market will offer as many as 1 million software jobs for hire. However, based on predictions, these positions may remain open due to the lack of talented and skilled professionals available to fill them. 

Hiring Needs in the Tech World

Currently, the US has an abundance of open tech positions without qualified personnel to fill them. Due to the talent gap right now, 500,000 computing jobs have not been filled. Companies who haven’t been able to fill them state that these open positions represent the lack of available professionals in the market to fit their needs. As the times continue to shift towards even greater needs in tech in the coming years, it is more important than ever for professionals to have industry-specific training for the market. Therefore, it’s essential to not only have an education, but also actual skills and on-the-job training. This is what really renders high-quality candidates, and this is where the talent gap stems from. 

Despite this gap, progressive companies like Techtonic, are taking action. They have developed the Techtonic Apprenticeship, a program designed to source, teach and train diverse candidates to be able to meet the hiring needs of tech companies as we move forward. Read on to learn more about the specific problems happening in the tech market and actionable strategies to bridge the talent gap. We will also share some highly valuable insights on how hiring in the software field is changing thanks to companies like Techtonic. 

The Education Crisis

While a college education in the tech sector offers technical skills, the preparedness of students is not at the level needed to thrive in the marketplace today. Schools do place a strong emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curriculums, however, Computer Science accounts for only about 8% of all STEM graduates. Additionally, even traditional Computer Science degrees do not provide adequate enough or innovative enough training to keep pace with the hyper-speed at which tech evolves these days. As a result, students need additional technical and business skills beyond what traditional education offers.

Solution: Hands-on, real-world engineering training that educates tech students in the field and actual working environments. This kind of training ensures students get up-close and personal throughout their education, as they learn about the necessary skills needed to succeed in software development. 

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Working and thriving in tech requires a well-rounded set of skills that includes not only engineering and technical dexterity, but also an array of business “soft” skills to succeed. Having a variety of tools to call upon in tech positions is of exceptional importance. Students cannot have fluency in just one discipline. Coders need to know how to develop additional IT solutions. They also need solid problem-solving skills in order to know where and how to create/implement improvements as needed.

Solution: Tech companies have the inside knowledge of what the market needs, first and foremost, so they present an ideal entrance into the market. Companies that offer apprenticeship programs stand better equipped to educate and train, based on the needs in the market. An approach to training that instills a big-picture mentality is needed for those working in the industry. 

Steering Clear of Stereotypes

One stereotype the tech world is in the process of shedding is the pervasive cloud of “bro culture.” Tech has long been seen as masculine territory, and this kind of mentality will not last in the age of diversity. Talent is a necessity in the market, above all, and this is not restrictive based on gender, experience, or race. 

Solution: Promoting and making tech careers available to those with diverse backgrounds. Considering numerous barriers exist in the traditional path towards a career in tech, some companies have used this to their advantage by disrupting the standard paths. These companies have created alternate avenues in, to foster and develop top tech talent in innovative, forward-moving directions.

Bridging the Gap with Solutions

Along these lines, one direction that has presented an excellent inroad into the tech industry are apprenticeships with companies in the software industry. Techtonic has developed a cutting-edge approach to fitting the needs of their clients; whether their needs center on capable talent, software development, or a combination of both roles. As a versatile partner, we offer solutions to fit the demands of our clients with a truly flexible B2B approach.

What Techtonic Does

Techtonic understands tech. As an innovative, yet disruptive company, our focus is on changing the access to talent in the tech world by creating it. Techtonic is not your ordinary software company; our foundation is part of software development and part talent generation. We thoroughly understand the talent gap in the tech industry and we are creating solutions to bridge it. Our underlying principle is having an agile, solution-oriented business that meets the needs of our clients. We don’t just offer software; we produce top talent by educating, sourcing, and hiring based on what the market needs.

More About Software Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships bridge the gap, so to speak, between developing talent that can meet the needs of today’s tech companies, while also ensuring proper, on-the-job training occurs. The end result is producing well-trained professionals, truly equipped to perform at the highest levels in the software industry. The Techtonic Apprenticeship is a paid opportunity, registered with the United States Department of Labor. Participants receive training in not only technical software engineering skills and coding but also in critical thinking and business. This ensures success and capability outside the classroom, in real-world, professional settings.

In Closing

Techtonic is a software development firm whose innovative developments fully encompass what the tech world needs, present and future. Our forward-thinking approach has garnered a roster of large clients who have sought our services for software development and talent. As tech continues to evolve, it has become clear that talent generation is very much a foundational aspect of continued progress. The Techtonic Apprenticeship makes it possible to get firmly educated for a career in tech. This fulfills the need and bridges the gap for talented developers and coders where vacancy remains. If you’re interested in a career in tech, contact Techtonic today to learn more about our apprenticeship opportunities!

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