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The Top Trends Being Seen in eCommerce

The User Experience (UX) is now looked at as a necessity within eCommerce and many other industries. UX takes into consideration how the user relates to and experiences a process. In the case of eCommerce, having excellent UX means understanding what drives customer behavior to purchase your product or service. If you intentionally design your retail process to be an enjoyable experience, users will react accordingly. In this blog, we will review some top UX trends currently happening in the eCommerce space.

Mobile is More Prevalent Than Ever

Mobile has increasingly become one of the top means of shopping for consumers, and it continues to grow at a high rate. Statistics show that 79% of consumers are using mobile phones to make purchases. In 2018, the number of mobile shoppers hit an all-time high at almost 200 million in the US. As a result, mobile UX needs to be a priority for eCommerce retailers. Mobile shopping is faster than standard eCommerce and offers a more tuned-in experience. With mobile shopping, consumers are taking in massive amounts of information in a really short amount of time. They want all the information on a product quickly; they want images, a clear description, and other users’ reviews in an easy-to-absorb, easy-to-access format. If you haven’t provided a mobile-first interface, it’s time to consider doing so. This includes a clean and clutter-free layout, a design based on single or double columns, concise product descriptions, and easy to read fonts that communicate clearly. 

Swift, Convenient Checkout

Too often, checkout can be the pit stop that prevents sales from happening. Great UX needs to enable instant gratification; one way to achieve this is through a more efficient checkout. Checkout is one aspect of UX that presents challenges for businesses. There are numerous contributing factors, such as lengthy forms, confusing terminology, and a lack of payment options. Options such as Apple Pay, Amazon, Google Pay, PayPal and Venmo are enabling customers to have a secure yet super-fast way to checkout. A fast and efficient checkout process is beneficial for both the consumer and the business. The faster the checkout, the more satisfied the customer is because that last necessary process is quick and painless. Also, the faster the checkout process, the less time the consumer has to deliberate and back out of the purchase. This equates to more sales. Abandoned carts are less likely to occur when the consumer can move along through the purchasing process without second-guessing. When it comes to checking out, it needs to be as short and simple as possible. At the same time, agility is key in regards to UX, because the user should have the ability to make changes at every step of the process until the sale is complete.

Voice Search: The Power of Vocalizing Commands

More users are turning towards voice search to find exactly what they’re looking for with faster, more efficient results. This technology is being utilized with greater frequency as consumers become more comfortable with the ability to verbally demand queries from a device. As mobile technologies develop at greater speeds, voice technology is a definite area to focus on. One major aspect of UX is creating the ideal voice experience for the user. Voice searching taps into a desire for instant gratification quite well, as more people are keen on speaking into their phones to quickly find what they’re looking for. How this differs from standard searches is that search terms from spoken-word are often longer and more sentence-like than the blunt, minimal keywords typically used in a search box. To make the most of this trend, consider using more long-tail keywords when doing keyword research to correlate with actual speech terms. 

Satisfying the Customer: User Experience Needs to Match Expectations

We spend a lot of time on the internet and when it comes to UX, most consumers have high expectations for satisfaction. We’ve all had sub-par experiences and we’ve all had exceptional experiences when shopping online, and those positive experiences are the ones we stack all others up against. The aim is to understand the tenets that make good UX and follow them well so customers have a great experience throughout the retail process, and ultimately, make purchases as a result.


UX is all about designing an eCommerce process that puts the customer first through every step of the experience. Voice searching, mobile design and functionality, fast checkout, and user satisfaction are the key UX trends currently driving better performance in eCommerce. Solid UX ensures speed and functionality are the main factors, making the overall shopping experience more efficient and enjoyable.

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