Tech Talent Reimagined

Techtonic has provided expert onshore software solutions for 15 years, and has an A-list roster of innovative clients to prove it. But what really makes us different from the rest of the tech talent sourcing industry?

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We blew up the game by rewriting the rules.

Since 2016, Techtonic (a women-led, certified B corporation) has offered and continuously refined its unique Software Development Apprenticeship Program. It is a U.S. Department of Labor-registered tech talent training program. We screen the applicants, provide three months of intensive classroom instruction, then turn their sights in-house with our senior developers to solve client software development challenges for another nine months.

Rapid Change Demands
Modern Thinking

Let’s face it: until Techtonic, traditional tech training hadn’t changed much in decades. Historically, students would sit in a room (real or virtual) and be trained on how to use HTML, CSS, Git, Python — whatever technology was currently trending — all while paying thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars for the privilege. And there was so much material piled on in a short time, students could only hope to become minimally proficient. 

Techtonic Takes the Risk Out of Hiring Tech Talent

Knowing the old model was lackluster at addressing modern software development needs, we took a good, hard look at the all-too-familiar headaches companies felt when hiring tech professionals; an annoyingly-long and drawn-out hiring process, unnecessary expense and complexity with recruiters, increasing costs and problems with offshore development hubs.

Then, we made sure our tech apprenticeship program solved these problems.

Think of us as the pain reliever for your tech troubles. Our DOL certification assures a comprehensive and demanding program. The enrollment process is highly competitive, guaranteeing each cohort is of the highest quality, and we can focus on developing their tech skills, rather than probing the depth of their pockets.

As a bonus, we’re able to draw a qualified, diverse group of local applicants from underrepresented — and sometimes surprising — backgrounds, dramatically boosting your company’s collective tech talent pool.