Tech Talent Re-engineered

For 15 years, Techtonic has been delivering proven, onshore tech talent and agile outsourced software development services to an A-list of innovative clients.

Customers include Fortune 1000 companies and partners like Microsoft  Philanthropies, Apostrophe, and AWS. 

What makes Techtonic talent so different? 

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The myth of software development recruiting.

Where’s the talent? Here at Techtonic. The shortage of North American-based software developers is a myth. Why?

When sourcing and screening, traditional recruiters continue to apply old school thinking and checkbox methods. This micro-focus on the “right” college and a couple gigs on one stack or another has neglected swaths of immensely talented people.

Techtonic’s disruptive model accepts just 10% of applicants into our proprietary, DOL-registered apprenticeship program. These are onshore software developers that we train and mentor for a year.

That program includes three months of intensive classroom instruction followed by nine months of in-house development on client projects.

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Competition and
Repeating the Past

It is insanity to repeat the past, right?

So, why do students still sit classrooms, getting “trained” in HTML, CSS, Python — or whatever technology was hot yesterday? And yet, it means nothing the moment they walk into your shop. Your new apps or legacy platform, the culture, your perks and pay — shock the system. The best candidates mumble, too new, too old, too slow, or the offer is too low.


No, because it gets worse. The few that thrive — turnover within two years. Competitors offer just a bit more, somewhere the grass is always greener. Your talent pipeline shows too few, too late. HR just rolls its eyes.

Is it you or me?

This myth of a talent shortage is self-induced. So, Techtonic flipped the paradigm. We changed who, where, and how software developers get sourced and onboarded. 

Techtonic Takes the Risk Out of Hiring Tech Talent

The traditional model of software talent acquisition seek programmers in all the old, familiar places. Then, turnover and competition keep you on a spinning wheel of empty seats and subpar performance. Techtonic lessens all these risks. We employ a proprietary, DOL-certified model that shortens the time-to-hire, pre-screens and prepares tech talent for your environment, and delivers proven onshore developers with true grit and real-world experience. Guaranteed.

Our tech apprenticeship program cracked the code in software development recruiting.

Our DOL certification assures means that each tech talent undergoes comprehensive screening and an intellectually demanding program.

Techtonic’s program features a capstone: nine months of real-world development, writing code, doing QA, and other intermediate to advanced dev work.

Just 10% of applicants get accepted at Techtonic. And if you find your placement does not keep pace, we will replace them or your money back.